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Monte's experience, knowledge and vast resources enable us to provide a first class service which is both sophisticated and efficient and thorough.

Monte in the News
  • Steve Vizard talks to Frank Monte, private investigator, regarding his work on the people involved in the $37M sexual harassment case against David Jones. (MP3 AUDIO DOWNLOAD)
  • Private detective engaged to run background checks on claimant
  • DJs harassment suit: Private eye on the tail of Kristy Fraser-Kirk
  • Private eye hired to investigate Fraser-Kirk
  • Private eye on tail of DJs girl
  • Kristy Fraser-Kirk suffered 'psychiatric harm' over DJs sex case ...
  • DJs staffer 'suffering from media reports'
  • From Cairns schoolgirl to $37m sex lawsuit
  • DJs boss sent 'begging' texts over conduct
  • Fraser-Kirk fears for other witnesses
  • Was Gianni Versace murdered by the mob?

    44 years in business! this is not flash TV APPEARANCES on CNN/ 9/ 7 /CNBC/ ACA/ EXTRA/CBS

    Surveillance Observations Covert Enquiries

    Personal, Family Law

    Do you suspect your spouse, partner or mate is being unfaithful? Are you involved in a messy divorce with a cheating husband or wife? Let our Private Investigators get you the evidence you need to confirm your doubts or to support your claims in the divorce proceedings.
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    Whether you are looking for firm evidence of infidelity or are looking to document employee misconduct, we have trained, experienced investigators using the highest quality cameras available to videotape any activity that is of interest.
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    Due Diligence / Missing Persons / Background Checks

    Frank Monte Investigations also works with in-house and outside counsel and financial advisors to conduct thorough due diligence investigations for clients contemplating a merger, acquisition or strategic partnership with a company located in the US or worldwide.
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    Employment Related Investigations

    Employment Related Investigations often reveal that the source of Theft and fraud is internal. In addition, there are a range of other employee-related matters that frequently require investigation. Examples include investigating allegations of harassment, drug use on the company's premises or simply "theft of time".
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    Hidden Assets

    If you have a civil judgment from a law suit or are thinking about filing a civil law suit but are unsure if the defendant is collectable, Monte's is here to help you find assets, even hidden assets including property, vehicles, employment, bank accounts, business ownership and more, and give you the information needed to collect on that judgment.
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    The Spying Game ~ Frank Monte's Rivetting Autobiography

    This is the most famous and legally important book in the past 50 Years. The Versace Fashion Empire spent $4 million attempting to stop this book being released. The Monte-Versace court battle received over 1500 Global News articles and hundreds of TV & Radio mentions.Frank Monte was a household name in Australia/Asia long before the Versaces started in business.

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